Need a Friend?

Della Smith

You find yourself feeling empty inside
And you try to cover your pain with your pride
Like the sad clown who paints a smile on his face
And cheers those around him, but can never erase
The emptiness that haunts and taunts him always

You’ve learned from life that you’ve got to be tough
You’ve got to be strong when the going gets rough
You’ve hardened your heart in self-defense
And you’re afraid you’ll be hurt if you take another chance
But deep inside is a tender child who still longs to dance

You wander through life going nowhere
Sometimes you get weary and just sit and stare
Is there an answer to why you’re here?
Are you just meant to suffer and then disappear?
Is there anyone out there who possibly cares?

You’ve been hurt by so many wrongs
You just can’t let go, the pain’s been there too long
Loneliness is your closest friend
And disappointment lurks around every bend
If this is life, who cares if it ends?

Well, THERE IS someone who cares that you hurt
He knows how it feels to be treated like dirt
He’s been put down and hated, criticized and abused
He suffered rejection and betrayal too

He was stripped of his dignity and stripped of his clothes
Abandoned by his friends, and seized by his foes
He’s been lonely and weary and hungry and cold
He never married, he had no one to hold

“Who in the world would care?” you may say
Well, his name is Jesus, and he’s alive today!
He’s waiting to hear you call out his name
He’ll fill you with love and heal your shame

He walked this earth in the body of a man
So he could really understand
Our hopes, our joys, our fears, our pain
He felt it all, his loss was our gain

Call out for grace and mercy too
And receive the joy that’s waiting for you!

Della Smith (c) 2000

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